Homosexuality & Civilization

An archive of poetry, pictures, history, and quotes dedicated to queer individuals before the year 1900.

The title is an homage to a book by Louis Crompton, but the blog will contain content expressing all forms of sexuality and gender identity.

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On misrepresentation.

"In [1800s] France, Jean-Francois Boissonade read the Greek of Sappho’s first fragment and knew what it said: ‘I didn’t want to write if he flees; I didn’t dare write if she flees. I decided to use if one flees, which reproduces ambiguity…’ And at about the same time Allier de Hauteroche’s Notice sur la courtisane Sapho (1822) returned to the idea of there having been ‘two Sapphos’ - one a respectable poet and teacher, the other a notorious courtesan. This was one method of cleaning up the Sapphic act, while keeping in view the salacious fictions that had come to surround her name and were to dominate in the latter part of the nineteenth century.”

-Louis Crompton, Homosexuality & Civilization

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